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Terms and Conditions

On the BitOn website, products can be returned up to 14 business days from the day of receiving the product, provided that the product has not been opened or used. The crediting times of the funds will be made possible according to the policy of the credit company, BIT, PayPal, etc. To make the return, the customer must contact our customer service and fill out the return form attached to your package or in the link attached on the contact page. After receiving the product back and provided it is in its original condition, you will be refunded the price you paid for the product.


Of course, there are several terms and conditions for exercising the rights to return a product:


The product must be in its original condition and not opened or used.


The customer must send the product back with all the original materials attached to the product and in appropriate shipping packaging.


The customer must receive approval from our customer service before returning the product.



Terms and Conditions

1. Return policies - products can be returned up to 14 business days if they have not been opened or not yet been            used - the product warranty is provided by the product suppliers - financial credit times will be given according to the      policy of the credit company, BIT, etc.

2. Payment - You can pay with credit cards, BIT, PAYPAL, cash and a telephone transaction up to 12 payments plus          0.3% and credit increases

3. Deliveries - the price includes delivery or the delivery varies depending on the geographical location for each                  product listed at the time of ordering if required Delivery to residents of Eilat - special pricing , Customers outside of        Israel will be charged based on their shipping address.

4. Collection times - normal delivery up to 14 business days, express delivery up to 2 business days depending on the     delivery of the suppliers, products from abroad - up to 35 business days - including customs clearance, etc.

5. Warranty - The warranty is given to each product according to the product supplier, all of them have a one-year              warranty and there are products if more, the warranty comes into effect from the moment of purchase and                        registration with the warranty provider

    Xiaomi products from Hamilton receive a 24 month warranty and the rest one year, you can purchase an               extended warranty accordingly

   For the prices of the suppliers, the Biton company will stand and accompany the customer with the various                     suppliers in regards to service warranty, etc.

6. Service - We provide repair and laboratory services to all our customers and especially to those who purchased              products through us, we have a laboratory for repairs installations and upgrades

We are at your disposal for any question or problem, whether in receiving service from the suppliers on the product to help in choosing the product

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