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Smart TV "QLED-4K 75 L75M6-ESG

Smart TV "QLED-4K 75 L75M6-ESG


The screen of the next generation - QLED with 4K UHD resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate for a perfect and borderless viewing experience - the 4K HDR10+ resolution is four times the HD resolution with a resolution of 3840x2160 - a sharp, realistic and colorful experience.
Operating system 10 Android TV - with full support in Hebrew

You can enjoy an endless content experience and a variety of applications available for download such as:
Netflix, Amazon prime video, Spotify, Cellcom TV, Next TV, Sting TV, Partner TV and more.
Using the Google app store you can download over 5000 apps, content services, music and games.
Sound experience from another world Dolby Audio, DTS-HD.
2 advanced stereophonic audio systems with a power of 30 watts containing a tweeter and a pair of woofers (each)
Built-in digital receiver for Idan Plus broadcasts.
Full support for voice activation of smart home products supported by Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa.
Xiaomi TV allows you to turn on lamps, air purifiers, security cameras, speakers and more through voice control in a variety of languages (not including Hebrew) - relax in the living room or bedroom and turn everything on with voice commands.

Built-in Chromecast/Miracast screen mirroring:
 Broadcasting your phone on the TV screen with a voice-activated Bluetooth wireless remote with a built-in microphone for voice search. Using the remote, you can enjoy Google Assistant/Amazon Alexa services, voice search in a variety of languages, including Hebrew.
Dedicated buttons for quick navigation to Netflix and Amazon Prime Vide apps.

You can add to the shopping cart for an additional fee -
Desktop installation and training or wall-mounted installation + wall installation and training 

*** Note: Mounting bracket sold separately.



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    All credit cards are honored, possibility of up to 18 payments over NIS 2000

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1.Refund policies - Products can be returned up to 14 business days if they have not been opened or not yet been used 

2.,Payments- You can pay with credit cards, BIT, PAYPAL, cash and a telephone transaction up to 12 payments plus 0.3% and credit increases  

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