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Recording system for eight Provision 5mp NVR5-8200PX POE cameras

Recording system for eight Provision 5mp NVR5-8200PX POE cameras

1 675,00₪Price

NVR recording system for eight cameras including a built-in PoE switch, 200FPS with 5MP resolution, comes with a disk 1T, Ossia operating system, 

Support for H.265, HDMI screen output, one audio input for the device's microphone and in addition an audio input for each camera and an audio output for an amplified speaker,

Four dry contact IN inputs and one dry contact OUT output


Manufacturer SKU NVR5-8200PX

Support for cameras up to 5MP

Number of cameras 8

1TB disk capacity

Resolution 5M P

POE includes POE

Two-year warranty period

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