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 Battery management system BMS generation 5 - When the battery power is lower than 30% and the scooter is not turned on for about 10 consecutive days, the battery will enter sleep mode* to extend its life. In addition, the smart battery management system will keep the battery safe through important safety mechanisms:
- Short circuit protection
- Overcurrent protection
- Double overcharging protection
- Double overdischarge protection
- Temperature protection
- Low voltage protection and automatic sleep mode
• Safety first: large front and side reflectors, stickers and prominent warning signs, rear wing
Designed, prominent rear brake light that is permanently on when the front light is turned on, front LED lamp
with a power of 2 watts
• An improved double braking system is equipped with a disc-based rear braking mechanism and a pair of pads to improve safety and shorten the braking distance (compared to the 1S model), stability and longevity of the pads, and the E-ABS system in the front wheel
• 8.5 inch pneumatic tires effectively absorb shocks and are resistant to slipping
• Full control via the Mi Home applet with Bluetooth connectivity and periodic firmware updates


• An advanced digital display built into the handlebars for a better riding experience:
Speedometer and warning codes
Riding modes: pedestrian mode 5 km/h | normal D mode up to 20 km/h | Sport mode S up to 25 km/h
Front light indicator
Bluetooth indicator in connection with the applet
Lock reminder indicator
Overheating warning indicator
Battery charge level indicator
• Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth 4.1 BLE
• Compatibility with operating systems Android 4.3 and iOS 9.0 and above
• Kit contents: scooter, T key, Allen bolts for the handlebars, additional tire and inner tube, power supply, inflation tube,
User manual and warranty letter
• Dimensions:

*In the initial synchronization with the Mi Home app, the user is required to watch a safety video of approximately 105 seconds for the name of Iktoob
The scooter to use.
*The travel range is determined according to road and rider conditions as specified in the user manual.

Mi Electric Scooter 3 Product Name
DDHBC16NEB model
108 x 43 x 114 dimensions open (cm)[1] dimensions
108 x 43 x 49 folded dimensions (cm)
About 13.2 net weight (kg) weight
25-100 rider weight range kg) rider data
16-50 years old
120-200 rider height (cm)
About 25 maximum speed (km/h) the data of the scooter
about 30 maximum driving range (km)[2]
16 Maximum slope (%)
Concrete, asphalt, dry roads with bumps less than 1 cm and depressions less than 3 cm Surface compatibility
-10 ÷ 40 operating temperature range (°C)
-20 ÷ 45 storage temperature range (°C)
IP54 water and dust resistance rating
About 5.5 charging time (hours)
36 Nominal charging voltage (volts) of the battery unit
42 Maximum charging voltage (volts)
7650mAh | 275Wh battery capacity
Overheating, short protection, overcurrent, overdischarge and overcharge intelligent control system
0 ÷ 40 charging temperature range (°C)
7.65 Rated charging current (Ah)
0.25; 250 rated power (kW;W) electric motor
0.071; 71 Output power (kW;W) Power supply
42VDC | 100-240VAC output voltage | Entrance
1.7 Output current (A)
HT-A09-71W or BCTA+71420-1701 Power supply model [3]
6.2 Dry braking (meters) Braking distance
[1] Vehicle height: measured from the ground to the top of the product.
[2] General range: measured without wind and at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the scooter is fully charged and travels at a constant speed of
15 km/h on a flat surface and with a load of 75 kg.
[3] To charge the battery, use only the original power supply provided in the kit.

                                                                        Terms and Conditions

    1.Refund policies - Products can be returned up to 14 business days if they have not been opened or not yet been used 

    2.,Payments- You can pay with credit cards, BIT, PAYPAL, cash and a telephone transaction up to 12 payments plus 0.3% and credit increases  

    3.Shipping cost- Shipping is included in the price for most products, on the product page a shipping fee will be charged depending on the different suppliers times- Normal delivery up to 14 business days, express delivery up to 2 business days, products from abroad - up to 35 business days  


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