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Provision IP Camera Wireless BCAM-03

Provision IP Camera Wireless BCAM-03


BCam-03 – wireless security camera on battery

Easy installation and use - thanks to the built-in rechargeable battery and the wireless capability in the camera,

There is no need for wiring and wiring, so you can install the camera wherever you want.


Water and dust resistance according to the international IP65 standard.


Long battery life - thanks to the built-in lithium battery,

The 10-hour charge lasts up to 6 months of continuous activity

(Assuming that about 20 videos of 10 seconds each are recorded per day)

and can function in stand-by mode for up to 11 months.


High resolution - the high performance 1/2.9 inch CMOS sensor,

2 megapixel HD resolution (1920×1080)

and the wide-angle lens provide a high-quality image and show every detail.


Clear and smooth video image - automatic adjustment of the video bit rate according to the Internet bandwidth.


Double night lighting (night vision distance: 10 meters) that includes an infrared bulb and a white light source

Enables a colorful night image.


Two-way audio for real-time communication - the built-in high-quality microphone and speaker,

Reduce noise and eliminate echo, and allow you to talk and listen to the camera's immediate surroundings using the app.


With the Provision Home app security is at hand - with this app you can take pictures,

Save, protect and share everything that matters.


Advanced analytics capabilities - the camera supports discovering  Human figure, definition of an activity area for monitoring

Photographing pets and smart alerts for a smartphone by activating the analytics services in the application for an additional fee.


Cloud service and local storage - recordings can be stored on a memory card purchased independently

(support is for Micro SD cards up to 128GB),

Make use of the encrypted storage on the cloud server

(available for an additional fee) and proactively record during viewing to the smartphone photo gallery.

                                                                        Terms and Conditions

    1.Refund policies - Products can be returned up to 14 business days if they have not been opened or not yet been used 

    2.,Payments- You can pay with credit cards, BIT, PAYPAL, cash and a telephone transaction up to 12 payments plus 0.3% and credit increases  

    3.Shipping cost- Shipping is included in the price for most products, on the product page a shipping fee will be charged depending on the different suppliers times- Normal delivery up to 14 business days, express delivery up to 2 business days, products from abroad - up to 35 business days  


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