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Remote support for the businessand home
to connect remotelyAnyDesk click here 

for Bio-On  Support center  Decentralized that provides a remote support service for technical malfunctions in computer operating systems,  ProcketsJYesand training and on the following topics 

Bio-On has a decentralized support center that provides a remote support service for technical malfunctions in computer operating systems, consulting and training projects and on the following topics

  •  PCs or laptops  - for office and home 

  • Servers of all types in the cloud or locally 

  • Various cloud services - G-SUITE, AZUR AD, OFFICE 365, MDM, Apple Google accounts, ZOOM , WEBEX, FAXCORE, WIX

  • Smart phones, iPads and tablets of all kinds 

  • Telephony switchboards - CUCM CISCO, 3CX, WEBEX, 

  • Security cameras - NVR-DVR, MI HOME, PROVISION 

  • Smart Home - Alexa, Google Home  more

  • Intercom - for gates and opening doors 

  • Registered funds for businesses 

  • Understanding websites, website promotions, graphics and content 

  • Connecting businesses and websites to clearing systems 

  • Opening stores on Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, etsy

  • Domain purchase, SSL, web hosting 

  • Issuing a visa to the USA, filling out government forms, submitting documents, connecting to GOV.IL and more 

  • Consultancy in purchasing hardware, software, licensing   , network products and information security 

  • Routing work to suppliers in the fields mentioned 

We are here to help you immediately with any computing problem in your organization and at home 

The steps are short and fast 

1. To open an application, click here

2.Closing the payment method - hourly, daily, or project 


3. Remote connection to the various products depending on the operating system


    to remotely connect to a computer click here 

 to download support software From a distance, choose from the options below coordinate support, leave a message and we will get back to you soon 

For immediate support, you can contact the call center from Sunday to Thursday between the hours of 9:00 and 23:00 by phone or WhatsApp number 052-555-9019

Thank you for sending, we will contact you soon
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