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A variety of security cameras and alarms


Call for a conversation with an expert protection consultant without obligation for an affordable quote.

Welcome to Bit-On - the smart choice for the best range of security cameras and alarm systems!

Here at Bit-On, we are not only leaders in the field of security, but also equipped with the tools required to protect your property in a professional, efficient and innovative way. Ensure your peace of mind with the most advanced security solutions on the market.

What we offer:

1. **The smartest cameras:** Enter the age of smart and advanced security with our security cameras. Compete for a sharp image, smart functions, motion detection and remote viewing options. All this in a combination adapted to your needs.

2. **Advanced alarm systems:** Enter the age of smart and advanced security with our alarm systems. We have installed high-quality alarm solutions that integrate advanced sensors, such as smart motion sensors and break-in sensors, for quick and sophisticated activation in emergency situations.

3. ** Leading personal consultation:** We are here to answer your questions, offer you customized solutions and help you understand how to make your home or business protected in the best possible way.

No need to commit in advance! Call us today and we will help you choose the reliable solutions that will suit your unique needs. We are waiting to chat with you!

Best regards,

The Bit-On team

passive infrastructures

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   The establishment of the most complex passive infrastructures is the field in which they are active. The phrase "passivity" for us refers to advanced solutions that include cables, switches and other infrastructure required for an efficient and stable connection.

Alarms and intercom 


Protection and communication are the tight heart of safety. Our alarm systems guarantee comprehensive protection with smart motion sensors and real-time viewing options. The intercom transmits the communication between the house and outside in a safe and convenient way.

Wired and wireless network


We specialize in the establishment and management of advanced networks, including wired and wireless networks. We will emphasize the thorough construction, upgrading and maintenance of the networks at the highest level.

Smart home 


   The future in homes is smart and maintained by technology. Our smart home solutions combine remote control, smart automation and a simple user experience, all to improve the quality of life and make the home an ideal place.

Security Cameras

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Our camera solutions offer a reliable and advanced solution for security needs. Choose from a series of cameras with high image quality and smart functions, which provide real-time viewing and wide options for remote monitoring.

Telephony hubs


   Our management platform offers a fascinating solution for managing conversations in the organization. The platform combines the local call center units and the cloud for an effective user experience and maximum efficiency. coordinate support, leave a message and we will get back to you soon 

For immediate support, you can contact the call center from Sunday to Thursday between the hours of 9:00 and 23:00 by phone or WhatsApp number 052-555-9019

Thank you for sending, we will contact you soon
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